Events for Thursday, 30th March 2017


Science Café : THINKING FAST and SLOW

Venue: The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth IP19 8BY link
How do we make decisions? Especially about really important things, like our health? What do we consider, take account of, or gamble on? Or do we not make them at all, but have our decisions made for us? Let’s get together to consider, slowly, the impact of fast thinking on all of our lives.
Ticket Details: Ticket price - Standard £3.00
Who to Contact: Box Office and Booking Tickets 0300 3033 211
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Southwold Library Reading Group

Venue: Southwold Library, North Green, Southwold IP18 6AT link
Discussing “The Last Pilot” by Benjamin Johncock.
Who to Contact: Southwold Library 01502 722519
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