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EPP film evening - DARKEST HOUR (12A)

Venue: Electric Picture Palace, Blackmill Road, Southwold IP18 6 link
Doors open 7pm for 7:15pm start. Gary Oldman won an oscar for his uncannily realistic portrayal of Churchill in this atmospheric WWII drama of a time that few of us remember now but that the rest of us should not forget. With Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, and Ronald Pickup as Chamberlain. 2017. 125mins.
Southwold Film Society membership required @ £10 a year or £3 for a film season, phone Box Office for details. This Spring Season is from April 27 - June 23. All seats bookable in advance to SFS members and their guests.
Ticket Details: Stalls £6 or £7/Circle £8/Royal Box £15. Evening includes Interval, Organ and National Anthem.
Ticket Details: Stalls £7/Circle £8. Southwold Film Society membership required @ £10 a year or £3 for a film season, phone Box Office for info
Who to Contact: Box Office 07815 769565
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Documentary Film by Tim Curtis : LIFE ON THE DEBEN

Venue: The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth IP19 8BY link
For a river just over 25 miles long, the Deben packs a mighty punch in terms of tranquil beauty, ever changing scenery and astonishing history. Broadcaster and journalist John McCarthy and Woodbridge-based film-maker Tim Curtis embark on a journey into the Deben's rich past, looking at its geography, environment and the influence the river has had over the people who have lived by its banks.

The film traces the entire length of the Deben, from the secret and disputed upper reaches to the boatyards and bustle of Woodbridge, down to the sea at Bawdsey and Felixstowe Ferry.

Recent discoveries have shown that the river Deben was a far more significant Anglo-Saxon region than was first thought.
We meet the real-life detectorists and the leading archeologists who reveal what has been found at Rendlesham.
The film features wildlife and conservation along the river and looks at daily life past and present, including boat building, sailing, farming, fishing, milling and even smuggling.
Ticket Details: Standard £5
Who to Contact: Box Office and Booking Tickets 0300 3033 211
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