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Venue: The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth IP19 8BY link
Presented by Passion Pit Theatre, in association with Amos Trust, Hodder & Stoughton and The New Theatre, UK and Ireland. 2017 marked three major anniversaries for Palestinian people: the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, the fifteenth year of Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian Territories, and the tenth year of the blockade of Gaza. To change the record after a century of injustice, a pilgrimage set out to walk from London to Jerusalem- in penance, solidarity and hope. This was the inspiration of award winning playwright, actor and musician Justin Butcher who worked with human rights charity Amos Trust to mount the Just Walk to Jerusalem from June to November 2017. Calling for equal rights for all in the holy land. More than 100 walkers took part and 9 walked the whole way. A chronicle of serendipity: happenstances, hilarious, infuriating and occasionally numinous – or as pilgrims might say, encounters with the divine.
Ticket Details: Standard ticket £15.00
Who to Contact: Box Office and Booking Tickets 0300 3033 211
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